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Storytelling & Art


These sessions with Urvi focus around creating a space where the child can paint, draw, colour without without being told what is right, what is wrong, what is beautiful, what is ugly. The aim is to allow for a spontaneous expression to come forth without the judgements of the mind coming in the way . Some art sessions are guided, some are a free play centering around a story and accompanied by songs.




45 mins | Online via Google Meet
Time slots are determined after a conversation


4 – 7 yrs


Rs 625 / class | 7.5 Euros (Minimum Contribution)
Fee transfer is arranged between the facilitator and the child’s guardian


Urvi is a teacher from Kolkata, India. She has a keen interest in alternative methods of teaching and is always seeking ways to help the children align to themselves and connect to their inner light. This has led her to write and create stories, songs and poems which strive to facilitate this process. She is deeply inspired by music which touches the soul, delicate artworks and the small and gentle creations of nature.

Please note:

We believe that a monetary offering is just a way to show appreciation for the service we offer out of love and real wish to do what we do. It also helps us meet our material needs. However, we strive for a way of life where money will never a bar for accessing a service or something we truly need. So, please feel free to write to us in case you have a monetary constraint. We would be happy to figure out an alternative! Thank you 🙂