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Golden Butterfly is a platform for children and adults. We believe that we are in a new world, a better world, a luminous world. Despite the apparent chaos on the surface, a deep shift is occurring in human consciousness and actions. This shifts calls for newer stories and narratives. Stories that bring to light the subtle and the unseen worlds. Stories steeped in the inherent truth, beauty and goodness of life. Stories that reveal the hidden oneness behind all of creation.

Seeking to awaken the child to the eternal truth, the living Presence within us all, the stories we publish uphold and nurture values of kindness, courage, beauty, peace, perseverance, generosity and love.

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Waken Sleeping Butterfly

An Invitation

Mia and the Ocean Spirit


“The cool sea breeze drifted through her hair. Gentle waves moved back and forth. Sands glittered like gold beneath the sunny waters and birds played touch and go with the leaping waves. Mia kept gazing at this sight for a long time till the sea’s song began to slowly ripple through her, gently softening her being. Feeling the urge to go into the waves, she stood up. And just as she did, she saw something strange move amidst the water.”

Mia and the Ocean Spirit, Urvi Shah

Some Kind Words

" I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though I am 50 plus years, it felt like my story. I was Shonottara exploring the world, flying here and there, always wanting something, I didn't know what. So, this story really touched me. Thank you, Urvi. I hope more stories like this are born"

Vandana, On Shonottara The Golden Butterfly

"The story I read is so precious, delicate, and wise - one just is completely drawn into it - the mystery of friendship revealing itself and feels so happy with the final harmony.."

J, On Arya - The Faithful Friend

" It is well written and illustrated (by Spandana)..The hidden meaning is not known to many. This is how God realised souls help other souls on the path of realisation..."

KT Manjunath, On Shonottara The Golden Butterfly

"Just a masterpiece this story. Mesmerising, true, a quest finding fulfilment - one would wish happening to every young one who aspires. "

J, On Samara and the Golden Bird