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Let's Play with French!


In these sessions Magali helps the child connect and experiment with French through songs, games, art and play. While with the younger children and new learners, she focuses on conversational French, with the older and advanced learners, she explores the dimension of grammar and writing. These sessions are also a doorway to dive into into the beauty of French culture, literature and art.


Medium of Instruction can be French, Spanish or English


1-2 classes a week | 45 minutes / Online via Google Meet
Time slots are determined after a conversation


6 +


10 Euros (Minimum contribution)
Fee transfer is arranged between the facilitator and the child’s guardian


Magali Le Moigne is a teacher, writer and singer from Saturnin du Bois, France. She enjoys teaching French and handwork to children. She uses stories, art and music to inspire and create wonder in children. She also has a deep connection with the natural world which she offers to the children through her presence and interactions. Always adapting herself to the child’s needs, pace and curiosity, she wishes to create a space for them to become independent, happy beings.

Please note:

We believe that a monetary offering is just a way to show appreciation for the service we offer out of love and real wish to do what we do. It also helps us meet our material needs. However, we strive for a way of life where money will never a bar for accessing a service or something we truly need. So, please feel free to write to us in case you have a monetary constraint. We would be happy to figure out an alternative! Thank you!