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Language of Waves: Communicating through Art


The language of waves is a language through which we can communicate with all of life. It emerges from a place of presence and silence and is a form of communication which bypasses rational words and concepts. In this course, Noemie teaches children how to draw waves while anchoring into their bodies and learning to listen to it. She plays with sounds, images, feelings and stories and shows the children how they too can be translated into the language of waves.


Medium of Instruction can be English or German


1 months | 1 class a week | 45 minutes | Online via Google Meet
Time slots are determined after a conversation


7 +


10 Euros (Minimum contribution)
Fee transfer is arranged between the facilitator and child’s guardian


Noemie lives in the Swiss mountains where she works as an artist and community worker. It was the silence of the mountains that inspired her to make music and images that helped her remember the language of the waves – a language which connects us to all of life. Noemie has a degree in piano and she has also studied philosophy and theory of science. While working with children, she wishes to create a concentrated space that allows the child to communicate in spontaneous, yet grounded ways be it through drawing, singing, stories or even silence.

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