Poems for Grades 1-3

Here are a few poems that can be memorised by children in Grades 1-3. In Grades 1 and 2, the teacher can also choose to add actions to the poems and recite it together as a part of circle time.

Read-Alouds for Grades 2 – 4

By the time children are 8 and 9, they are ready to listen to stories that have a greater depth and complexity. This is good time to start reading novels, spanning over months. These are few novels I suggest for 8 and 9 year old children

Calming Activities for Grades 1-4

Very often, the children come to class quite unsettled and excited. Before learning can begin, the teacher can make use of certain activities that can bring a sense of calm, grounding and focus. Here are some activities that I have used in class and have found quite useful

Creating poetry with embroidery

Everyone on the earth has a purpose, so do the stitches used in embroidery.  Some are there to join, some are there to mend and some to embellish.  Simple tools help in creating this magic. These are the needles and embroidery floss.  A knot sets stage for the work.