Weaving with Children at Home – Part 2

In this post Roopa, shows us how to complete a weaving mat. If you have missed the post on creating a weaving board, click on the link here.

Here are list of items required to complete the mat:

  • Weaving board
  • Yarn to Weave
  • Scissors
  • Scale or Measuring tape
  • Tapestry Needle/ Ice Cream Stick

You may see the words warp and weft recurring in this post. This is what they mean:

  • Warp, in this project, refers to the lengthwise blue threads tied to the weaving board.
  • Weft, in this project refers to the green and purple yarn that we move from right to left and left to right using the needle.

The following are the steps involved in weaving this mat:

  • I take around 1.2 mtrs of yarn and thread the needle and tied a knot at the eye of the needle( Alternatively one can also use an ice cream).
  • I leave around 1 inch gap from the slits on both sides of the board, as I will need that for tying the ends of the mat later. I start from the right side of the board and move towards the left. I start from under the first warp and then I move alternately under and over the warp till I reach the end of one line. I then pull the yarn until I have a little bit left at the place I started.
  • Now I turn and move from Left to Right, but it is important to remember the following points:
    • If you end the row by coming under the last warp then you should start next row by going over the warp
    • If you end the row by coming over the last warp then you should start next row by going under the warp
    • Do not pull the yarn tightly as this will crumple the mat
  • After every row, comb the mat neatly with an ice cream stick or a scale or a comb.
  • After few rows, I want to start with a different colour. Using a sliding knot, I attach the second yarn to the first and continue the process. To make a sliding knot follow the steps in italics:
    • Place the 2 yarns parallel to each other
    • Make a loop with the purple yarn around the green yarn and tie a knot
    • Now make a loop with the Green yarn around the Purple yarn and tie a knot
    • Pull the Green yarn and Purple yarn apart, and see them slide towards each other to become a single knot. Cut the extra yarn as close as possible to the knot
  • Now I thread the needle with the purple yarn and continue weaving, changing the colours as I please till I reach the end of the board.
  • Once I reach the end of the board, I tie the starting end of the yarn and the ending yarn to the warp to keep it from unravelling.
  • Now, I slowly take out the warp threads from the board.
  • I end the project by tying two warp threads together and cutting the extra yarn!

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