Songs for Grades 1-2

(My assumption is children are 6 years old in grade 1, 7 in grade 2 Please assess the developmental level of your class before choosing the songs)

  1. I walk with my little lantern
    A quiet and soothing song which can be sung and hummed.
    (209) I Walk With My Little Lantern – YouTube

  2. Early one morning, All the Birds are Nesting Again(Spring song)
    In this song, the names of the birds can be changed to the ones that children are familiar with.
    (209) Early One Morning/All the Birds – YouTube

  3. Oh, where do you come from, you little drops of rain?
    The little flakes of snow can be changed to drops of rain for places where it does not snow!
    (209) Oh Where Do You Come From? – YouTube

  4. There was a man named Michael Finnigan
    This is a good song for reinforcing the concept of rhyme.
    (209) Guitar: Michael Finnegan (Including lyrics and chords) – YouTube

  5. I once saw an elephant
    This is a fun song about animals that relies on memory. Here is a sign-language rendition and can be taught easily.
    (209) I once saw an elephant – YouTube

  6. Fair Rosa was a lovely child
    This is a story-song for Sleeping Beauty. I change the last verse from prince to princess, in a small effort to change the trope of a prince saving a princess.
    (209) Fair Rosa – YouTube

  7. Listen to the water
    The teacher is free to add her own animals and animal movements to this refreshing song!
    (209) Listen to the water 1 – YouTube

  8. The North wind doth blow (Winter Song)
    (209) The North Wind Doth Blow – YouTube

  9. Okki tokki unga/Atte kate nuwa
    A song about an Innuit boy searching for fishes, trying to catch fishes, pulling the net filled with fishes with great effort and then waving to his friends. See if you can figure out the corresponding actions in the video below!
    (209) Okki tokki unga – YouTube

  10. She will be coming around the mountain, when she comes
    This is a well-known traditional American folk song
    Songs – She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain – American Traditional Songs – YouTube

  11. My ship sailed from China
    The song is quite easy, but try the actions (quite a challenge to do them all together!)
    (209) My Ship Sailed from China – YouTube

  12. One for the Golden Sun by Peter Oram
    A lovely, poetic song about numbers 1-7.
    (221) One is for the Golden Sun – YouTube

  13. Little Silver Moon Boat
    A sweet, sublime song from China
    (224) Silver Moon Boat (China) – YouTube

  14. Autumn Leaves are Falling Down
    A song for autumn, if you have autumn as a season where you live!
    (224) Falling Leaves – Kids Demo – YouTube

I also give links to a couple of Youtube Channels/websites that could lead you to many other songs:

Lorraine Nelson Wolf
(209) Lorraine Nelson Wolf – Topic – YouTube

Elizabeth Mitchell
(209) Elizabeth Mitchell – Topic – YouTube

A repository of songs used in Waldorf Schools – EN (

(207) NYCOS – YouTube

Virtual Music Minds
(207) Visual Musical Minds – YouTube

Virtual Dalcroze Eurthymics – Weekly meetings with great learning resources being shared by Dalcroze teachers across the globe
(207) Virtual Dalcroze Meet-Up – YouTube

Songs from the Sandbox
(221) Songs from the Sandbox – YouTube

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