Read-Aloud Stories for Grades 1-3

Here are a few stories of love, kindness, sweetness and change for children in grades 1, 2 and 3.
(My assumption is children are 6 years old in grade 1, 7 in grade 2 and 8 in grade 4. Please assess the developmental level of your class before selecting the stories)

  1. Gentle Jalaja- Jyoti Khare (G1-G2)
    This is a story about a kind, little fish who gives hope to all in times of distress.
    Shop Gentle Jalaja |

  2. The Crow who Wanted to Sing – A Panchatantra story retold by Jyoti Khare (G2-G3)
    This is a story about a crow who wants to sing like the bulbul and live in a world of harmony and peace.
    The Crow Who Wanted to Sing | Auroville

  3. The King’s Daughters – Odile Fouladoux (G1-G3)
    The King’s daughters wants to fight the dragon alongside their father. However, their fathers feel girls should not fight in a battle. Find out how the daughters secretly help their fathers, proving them wrong.

  4. Yaraslova’s flowers – Noel Parent (G1-G3)
    A sweet story about how flowers help in healing and transformation. Buy Yaroslava’s Flowers Book Online at Low Prices in India | Yaroslava’s Flowers Reviews & Ratings

  5. Walking the Luminous Path, Inspiring Stories for the Young – Meera Guthi (G1-G3)
    This is a collection of stories about true friendship, courage, aspiration and perseverance. I particularly loved the story Rob and the Gnome of Wicked Thoughts. After I narrated the story, for a while whenever a child did something naughty or questionable, we would check if a gnome was sitting on their shoulder! It was such a simple way to make them aware of their thoughts, acts and deeds
    SABDA – Walk the Luminous Path

  6. Yusuf and the Little Mouse – An ancient tale retold by The Mother (G2-G3)
    A story about silencing and gaining control over one’s mind.
    Story: SACCS — Index to the Mother’s Collected Works
    Available as a book to buy: Buy Yusuf and the little mouse book |

  7. The Path of Later On- Written by The Mother (G3)
    What happens when one procrastinates? This is a story that highlights the importance of focus and concentration needed while walking the path of life.
    Story: Path of later on (
    Available as a book to buy: Buy Auroville Books |

  8. Stories and Plays for Children – Sunanda Poddar (G1-G3)
    Sunanda Poddar, a clairvoyant brings alive the subtle world through her simple stories for children. The pdf is freely available here:
    Stories and Plays for Children.pdf (

  9. The Brave Little Parrot – An ancient Buddhist tale retold by Neha Partha (G1-G3)
    When all say it is impossible, one little parrot believes that it isn’t. And, in this moment of courage, aspiration and perseverance, Grace answers the call, making the impossible, possible.
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  10. Kinship with All of Life – J Allen Boone (G3)
    If you have children who love animals, they will surely enjoy these small real-life encounters that the author has with the world of animals.
    Kinship with All Life : Boone, J. Allen: Books

  11. Selkie Girl – Janis Mackay (G2-G3)
    This is a Scottish story of an unlikely friendship between a selkie( half seal- half human) and a little boy. However, the selkie must return to her natural abode, the sea. But, true friendship means more than holding on and physical nearness.
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  12. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves – Julia Rawlinson (G1)
    I love this story which brings forth the idea of change and transformation with such an innocent and refreshing simplicity. And, I must say I love the illustrations! There are a couple of other stories the author has written about Fletcher, but this one is my favourite.
    Buy Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Book Online at Low Prices in India | Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Reviews & Ratings –

  13. Selfish Giant – Oscar Wilde (G2-G3)
    While in older grades this story and the following one, can be used as reading material, in lower grades it is a good story for reading aloud. To know that behind the hardest hearts, is a soft light of love that shines is the comfort this story brings.
    Buy The Happy Prince & Other Stories (Wordsworth Children’s Classics) Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Happy Prince & Other Stories (Wordsworth Children’s Classics) Reviews & Ratings –

  14. The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde (G2-G3)
    A story of love and sacrifice. One can only fall in love with the swallow who sacrificed his life for the Prince and the Prince who learnt love and compassion with the help of the swallow’s efforts.
    Buy The Happy Prince & Other Stories (Wordsworth Children’s Classics) Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Happy Prince & Other Stories (Wordsworth Children’s Classics) Reviews & Ratings –

  15. The Song Bird and Healing Waters (G1-G2)
    The story is about waters that can heal the sick.
    The Song-Bird and the Healing Waters | Canadian Fairy Tales (

  16. The Quiltmaker’s Gift – Jeff Brumbeau (G1-G3)
    This is a beautiful story about how the Quiltmaker helps a selfish king become generous and sweet. The Patchwork Quilt by Elizabeth Fleming is a poem that can go along well with this story.
    Buy The Quiltmaker’s Gift Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Quiltmaker’s Gift Reviews & Ratings –

  17. Jonathan and the Tree-Gilad Golschmidt (translated from Hebrew) (G2-G3)
    This is a long story about Jonathan and his friendship with a tree. In a very subtle way, it opens a window into the world of tree spirits.
    Available freely on BookLibrary Manager | | Grade Level | Second | Jonathan and theTree – eBook (

  18. Learning with the Mother – Tara Jauhar (G2-G3)
    There is a section in this book which has some beautiful stories written by Tara Jauhar under the guidance of The Mother.
    Learning with the Mother : Tara Jauhar: Books

  19. The Emperor’s New Clothes- Hans Christian Anderson (G2-G3)
    A story that makes the children laugh but also highlights subtly how power and pride often prevent people from seeing the truth.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes: Tales of type 1620 (

  20. Suki’s Kimono – Chieri Uegaki (G2-G3)
    A lovely, heartwarming story about Suki’s first day at school in a Western setting. She insists on on wearing her butterfly-like kimono and red geta despite facing resistance from her older sisters who feel she will be teased. But, is that what happens?
    Buy Suki’s Kimono Book Online at Low Prices in India | Suki’s Kimono Reviews & Ratings –

  21. Each Kindness – Jacqueline Woodson (G1 – G3)
    Chloe and her friends refuse to play with the new girl, Maya. Maya looks different and wears hand-me-down clothes. It is only after Maya moves out of town, and a sweet lesson on kindness in the classroom, does Chloe realises what the teacher means when he says, that everything we do, including kindness, goes out, like a ripple into the world.
    Buy Each Kindness (Jane Addams Award Book (Awards)) Book Online at Low Prices in India | Each Kindness (Jane Addams Award Book (Awards)) Reviews & Ratings –

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