Papui and Something Else: Books by Emanuele

Last year, as I browsed the internet for stories that carried more light and joy, I found a series of 4 beautiful, enchanting and the most delightful picture books made by artist, Emanuele Scanziani. The main character in each of the books is Papui, a little boy with a sun above his head always on a journey. Sometimes, it is a sunbeam that leads him towards greater heights, sometimes a sweet butterfly and sometimes a golden thread. I wondered how I would use it with my children. The younger ones would be in awe of the images, I was sure of that. But what about the older ones? I did not have to worry much. The 8th grader was as moved by the images as the 1st grader. Maybe when something carries a bit of infinity in it, it is hard to not be touched!

Every time, I showed the paintings to my children, there would be in complete silence as if they themselves were walking alongside Papui, waiting to make a grand discovery! At the end of each story, I would ask them to imagine what if they found the golden thread, or the sunbeam, where would it take them? And the results were always so magnificent.

if you are a teacher, please consider using it in your classes! You could also make up a small story to accompany the pictures if the children need some support in understanding. I share with you the links to the 4 books. I hope you have a wonderful time discovering the worlds along with Papui.

The last book in the series, “Matrimandir- Treasure of the Flame-Island” is still in print and can be bought at Matrimandir – the treasure of the flame island ( . Unfortunately the first three are not! How I wish they were! The children need these books to imagine, to hope, to know that life, when lived from the soul, can become this enchanting! 🙂

Here is the link where you will find the PDFs to these books: SAIIER 2016:”The Treasure of the Flame Island” – Auroville Wiki

Here are some of the paintings inspired by Papui’s inner journey done by the children!

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