Movement songs for Grades 2-4

Children love to move, and are eager to learn and perform coordinated movements especially between the ages 7 and 9 . Teachers, of music or other subjects, can incorporate many such movement songs into their lesson plans. Here I share a few songs that your children will love and enjoy!
(My assumption is children are 7 years old in grade 2, 8 in grade 3 and 9 in grade 4. Please assess the developmental level of your class before choosing the songs and the corresponding movements)

  1. John Kanakanaka (G2-G4)
    This can be done in a circle, in pairs. Children across grades 1, 2 and 3 enjoy this song! Teachers can modify the complexity based on the age. You can see how it is done here
    (207) John Kanaka Singing Game* – YouTube

  2. Si ma ma ka (G2-G4)
    This African song is again a favourite. This link shows you some movements you can try
    (207) Soma ma ka – YouTube

  3. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (G2-G3)
    With this song, you can try going faster/slower or louder/softer.
    (207) John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – YouTube

  4. Epo – i – tai -tai -e (G3-G4)
    (207) Epo i taï taï é (group) – YouTube

  5. Borboletinha(G2-G3)
    This is a spanish song which works very well with the jumping game shown in the video below. Teach the song first, and then try the game. If it is too difficult, try an easier song with the same beats
    (207) Borboletinha – YouTube

  6. Sarasponda Sarasponda (G2-G4)
    This is a fun song, to which body percussion can be added. It can also be turned into a clapping game that can be played in a circle or with partners. Here, they use music sticks (209) Sarasponda – YouTube

  7. I Let Her Go Go (G2-G3)
    A circle song that is bound to raise the spirits of your class. Find the song and movement here: (209) I Let Her Go Go – YouTube

  8. Bim bam bim bam biddy biddy bam (G4)
    A song which requires focus and concentration and can be an exciting challenge for many children
    (209) Hand Clapping Game “Bim Bum” – YouTube

I also give links to a couple of Youtube Channels that are filled with wonderful resources:

(207) NYCOS – YouTube

Virtual Music Minds
(207) Visual Musical Minds – YouTube

Virtual Dalcroze Eurthymics – Weekly meetings with great learning resources being shared by Dalcroze teachers across the globe
(207) Virtual Dalcroze Meet-Up – YouTube

European Choral Association
(207) European Choral Association – YouTube

Splash Games
(209) Splash Games – YouTube

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