In all ancient cultures of the world, we find sacred symbols that call one to embody greater truth, light and beauty. Most often than not, these symbols are in the form of Mandalas following geometric rules, measurement and precision. In this 6-week course we explore 5 ancient world-cultures namely Hindu, Islamic, Celtic, Buddhist and Christian through Mandalas and the essence of Oneness that underlies them all.

Age: 12 – 16 yrs
Fees: Rs 4200
Dates: 16th April, 23rd April, 30th April, 7th May, 14th May, 21st May ’22
Time: 10:30 am – 12 noon
Medium: Online
Number of Spots: 8
Facilitator: Vivechana

About the Facilitator:

Vivechana is an artist, designer and a publisher who has been working and exploring the world of mandalas, sacred geometry and symbols for over 15 years. She has delved deeply into the archetypal meaning of symbols across cultures and now enjoys sharing the same through her art and the workshops she facilitates. She currently lives in Pondicherry and runs her venture, Soulscapes. You can find more of her work here.


To enquire/register for the classes, please mail at or WhatsApp at +91 8438654435