Listening to Ramayana

In October’21, Suhas, narrated the story of Ramayana over nine days. In India, most children grow up listening to Ramayana, either from their grandparents or parents, which I feel is such a great privilege and blessing. For, epics like Ramayana, transcend religious thought and emotion. They carry in them the seed for manifestation of Divine life on Earth. When, narrated with the right consciousness, the essence of this story seeps deeply into the children and hopefully lights in them the fire of aspiration. An aspiration for knowing the truth, an aspiration for seeking true beauty, and an aspiration for flowering of true goodness from within, which is beyond any moral impositions of the society.

We are a while away from truth to completely manifest on earth, but these specks of light and truth, that epics like Ramayana give to us, propel us, handhold us and move us on the right path where the sun of love and light shines unafraid.

To get a glimpse of the storytelling session, please watch the video below:

Summary: After having protected Sage Vishwamitra’s yagya from demons, Rama and Lakshmana are led by the sage towards the great kingdom of Mithila. Here, King Janaka is hosting a ‘swayamvar’ for his beloved daughter, Sita. The great Shivadhanush is kept as a challenge. The one who is able enough to string this mighty bow, is to receive Sita’s hand in marriage.

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