Why handwork?

“The hands of man express his thought, and from the time of his first appearance upon the earth traces of his handiwork also appear in the records of history.” –Dr. Maria Montessori

Papui – Picture books for All Ages

Last year, as I browsed the internet for stories that carried more light and joy, I found a series of 4 beautiful, enchanting and the most delightful picture books made by artist, Emanuele Scanziani. The main character in each of the books is Papui, a little boy with a sun above his head always on a journey.

Listening to Ramayana

Listening to Ramayana In October’21, Suhas, narrated the story of Ramayana over nine days. In India, most children grow up listening to Ramayana, either from […]

Reading Totto-chan

A few months ago, a couple of 12 year old children and I read the book Tetsuko Kuroyanagi’s autobiographical novel Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window over a period of four weeks. It was a delightful journey and I was not surprised when I found out that this book has been translated from Japanese into 16 languages!

Flowing with the child

A seven year old child has been coming to me for a while. When he first started writing, he showed great reluctance towards it. One day during class, while we were doing something completely unrelated, he exclaimed that

The Song of Earth and Water

Native American culture is truly fascinating. Over a period of few weeks, a group of 9 year old children and I explored this through stories and art. As we read, drew and heard songs, we found in them a deep sense of reverence for the animate and the inanimate. Nothing was without a significance or a cause. Each element of earth was given its due place as they built their lives carefully in complete harmony with the movements of nature.