As we move into a new world, the children coming to Earth are looking for more. The old ways of the world no longer align with the inner light they carry. Across the world, this is being recognized especially by groups of  teachers, parents and schools. A result of which has been the rise of alternative schools and communities.

Questions like Who are we? Why are we here? Can we together create a beautiful future? questions which were once relegated to a small group of individuals, are slowly beginning to find way into our everyday conversations. Especially, our conversations surrounding our children and the future of human life on earth.

The education of the old world has created a man who has had to ruthlessly compete to survive this tough life on earth. The fear of life, the fear of losing out, the fear of failure has driven this form of education,

 In the new world, these fears begin to disappear. In the new world, competition is replaced by collaboration, fear with trust, and disharmony with harmony. As the new emerges, our education will and is starting to shift to help man create a life that is held together by love, peace, hope and a new consciousness.

 The Golden Butterfly creates a space for the new way of learning to emerge.