Song of Earth and Water

Native American culture is truly fascinating. Over a period of few weeks, a group of 9 year old children and I explored this through stories and art. As we read, drew and heard songs, we found in them a deep sense of reverence for the animate and the inanimate. Nothing was without a significance or a cause. Each element of earth was given its due place as they built their lives carefully in complete harmony with the movements of nature.

We heard stories which reminded us to be true to ourselves and awakened in us a respect and love for our land. A girl loved the wild horses so much that she left her family to became one with them. An orphan chose to sacrifice her only possession to the Great Spirits to seek forgiveness on behalf of her harsh acts on the land. The wise woman taught her children to learn humility from the wolf, honesty from the raven, respect from the buffalo and courage from the bear. “After all”, she said, “the Great Spirit is in everything. In air that you breathe, in the water that you drink, in the earth that you tread on and in the fire that keeps you warm.”

Here are some drawings by the children done during this period:

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