A little butterfly arrives on Earth. Wide-eyed and curious, the butterfly looks around. It is indeed a beautiful world. The sun smiles gaily over all beings. The streams of opal create ripples, breaking in small waves against the brilliant green fields illuminated with flowers of a myriad colours. 

The butterfly feels at ease. To her, comes an older butterfly, beautiful and strong. “Welcome to earth”, she says softly as she flutters around the little one. The little one follows. Gently and carefully, she is shown how to fly, flutter, hop and draw nectar from the flowers. The little one watches. She learns. Days pass, and she begins to grow. 

Sometimes, the little butterfly along with her friends, sits around the teacher in silence. It is then that she narrates to them stories that take them all on a journey. A journey that holds the promise of a beautiful world. The promise of something joyful, something sweet, something true, something so luminous that the obstacles of doubt, fear and the obscurity, dissolve in its presence.
Would you like to take this journey?

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