A Yarn Christmas Tree

Christmas cheer is in the air so we thought of showing you a simple way of weaving a Christmas tree which can later be used as a wall hanging or a decoration!

Follow Roopa, in creating this simple, yet elegant tree!

Here are list of items needed for this activity:

  • Two twigs (One long and One short)
  • Yarn to weave
  • Scissors
  • Scale or Measuring tape

The following are the steps:

  • Take two twigs, with one shorter than the other. I have taken two twigs (8.5 inches and 6.5 inch long). The longer one will be used vertically and the shorter one horizontally.
  • We now tie the twigs together. Using any yarn, we go around the twigs in an “X” shape 4 times to keep them in place. Then, we tie the tail end of the yarn we used to the yarn we will now use for completing the Christmas tree.

  • We start weaving the yarn around the sticks. Watch the video below carefully to see how to move the yarn around the three sides

  • Once, we have a big enough Christmas tree, we go around the top of the Christmas tree a couple of times. We tie a simple knot and leaving some yarn to make a loop, cut it from the ball of yarn.
  • We make a loop at the top, to hang the tree wherever we wish to. And, there you go! The tree is done!

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